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Minimum graduate credits for financial aid

Most financial aid awards require that you enroll in a minimum number of credits in order to receive the award. Keep in mind that the minimum number of credits varies depending on the type of award you have received.

Full-time and half-time enrollment is defined by your program or degree type.

You must be enrolled at least half time to be eligible for Ford Federal Direct student loans. You must be enrolled full time to be eligible for the Federal Perkins Loan, Health Professions Loan, Nursing Loan, and University Trust Fund Loans.

Full-time enrollment is generally required for departmental scholarships. Contact your department for more information.

Scholarship credit requirements are determined by the donor. If you receive a private scholarship that does not specify a required number of credits, it will pay into your student account if you are enrolled half time or more each semester.

Work-study requires you to be enrolled at least half time each semester.

Audit registration ("V" registration) does not count toward financial aid credit requirements.

Extended-term (9-month) Online and Distance Learning (ODL) courses do not count toward financial aid credit requirements, with two exceptions: the Minnesota State Grant and the Minnesota GI Bill allow all ODL courses you are enrolled in during the first two weeks of the semester to be counted. No restrictions are made on financial aid for term-based (semester) ODL courses.

Your financial aid eligibility will be based on tuition and fee charges for one credit, books, and help with living expenses.

This type of registration does not count toward financial aid credit requirements.