Registration times

Personal registration time

To view your personal registration time, go to MyU: Academics and click on the "Registration" tab. Use the Registration Shopping Cart to register for classes anytime after your appointed registration time. If you need help, learn how to find your specific registration time.

Registration is unavailable during weekly maintenance on Sundays, 3:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. 

General registration dates

General registration dates on the academic calendar

Registration stages for fall 2024 classes

You are randomly assigned a specific date and time within a registration stage based on your student type (e.g., graduate student) or by your total number of cumulative credits. For the purpose of assigning registration times, your cumulative credits include completed and in-progress credits but not credits for audit courses.

StageStatusDate range
Stage 1Graduate/professional students and undergraduates with 90+ cumulative creditsApril 11 - 18
Stage 2Undergraduates with 60+ cumulative creditsApril 19 - 24
Stage 3Undergraduates with 30+ cumulative creditsApril 24 - 29
Stage 4Undergraduates with fewer than 30 cumulative creditsApril 29 - May 2
Stage 5Open enrollment (non-degree, senior citizens, and visiting students)May 3

View your registration time

Text instructions

Your registration time is the earliest time you are able to register for a given term. It is important to know your registration time to prepare for registration.

  1. Log into MyU and select the Academics tab.
  2. Click the Registration sub-tab.
  3. View the date and time you can register for the most recent term.
    • If you want to select a different term, click the arrows at the top.
    • At the bottom of the page, you can see open enrollment dates when registration is open to everyone.

Visual guide

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