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Your spring registration time

Spring 2016 registration for students admitted to degree programs begins Tuesday, November 10. You can find your appointment time by logging into MyU and selecting the "Academics" tab, then select the "Registration" sub-tab. Regularly check for any holds that could prevent you from registering on time. Non-degree and visiting students may register on or after Friday, December 4.   

Study space on the go

Get your study on--on the go! You can find the nearest student study space (GPS Waypoint) on your mobile phone. Check it out!

Prepare for registration

Prepare for spring registration--check yourAPAS, meet with your adviser, update your Graduation Planner, and review the Enrollment How To Guides.

New Schedule Builder

A new version of Schedule Builder is now available. Use Schedule Builder to create customized class schedules that take into account desired courses, personal preferences, and a target number of credits.

Change majors or colleges

Did you change majors or colleges for spring 2015? Talk to your adviser and review individual college procedures to ensure a smooth transition.

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