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Third spring payment due

Third spring payments are due on Wednesday, April 16. The amount you owe, will be listed on the bill as the Statement Balance. If you have trouble viewing your bill online, be sure you've enabled pop-ups on your computer.

Repeating a course

Current University policy (section F.6) states that students may repeat a course only one time (excluding course withdrawals). If you were considering taking a course for a third time in fall 2014, meet with your academic adviser to explore other options.

What you need to register

Make sure you are prepared to register. Use Graduation Planner to view a list of all classes offered within a subject for current and previous terms. Ask your academic adviser or a One Stop counselor to review your plans. When you reach your registration time, remember to have your health insurance card handy. Degree-seeking students enrolled for 6 or more credits are required to provide proof of health insurance.

Resolve registration holds

Registration for fall 2014 is coming up. Holds preventing registration may be placed on your student account for a variety of reasons. Authorizing departments will usually notify you of any holds, but you can check your hold information online anytime.

Your fall registration time

Fall 2014 registration for students admitted to degree programs begins on Thursday, April 10. You can view your registration time online. Regularly check for any holds that could prevent you from registering on time. Non-degree and visiting students may register on or after Friday, May 2.

Non-degree registration

Interested in taking classes as a non-degree student? First, initiate your University internet account. As a non-degree student, you can register for classes for May/summer term during open enrollment. You must pay all tuition and fees by the first billing due date, which is is July 9 for May/summer 2014.

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