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Read the descriptions carefully to determine which fees may apply to you.

Fee Assessed to
Carlson School of Management
$580.00 All students, 9 or more credits (collegiate fee)
$290.00 All students, fewer than 9 credits (collegiate fee)
College of Biological Science
$230.00 All students, 6 or more credits (collegiate fee)
$115.00 All students, fewer than 6 credits (collegiate fee)
College of Continuing Education
$150.00 All CCE students, 6 or more credits (collegiate fee)
$75.00 All CCE students, fewer than 6 credits (collegiate fee)
College of Design
$350.00 All students, 6 or more credits (collegiate fee)
$175.00 All students, less than 6 credits (collegiate fee)
College of Education and Human Development
$190.00 All students, 6 or more credits (collegiate fee)
$95.00 All students, fewer than 6 credits (collegiate fee)
$550.00 OLPD (administrative licensure fee)
$275.00 OLPD (multiple endorsement fee)
$270.00 Ed TPA (Initial teacher licensure fee)
$100.00 Master of Education (initial licensure confirmation fee)
College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences
$220.00 All students, 6 or more credits (collegiate fee)
$110.00 All students, fewer than 6 credits (collegiate fee)
College of Liberal Arts
$200.00 All students, 6 or more credits (collegiate fee)
$100.00 All students, fewer than 6 credits (collegiate fee)
College of Pharmacy
$425.00 Pharm D students (collegiate fee)
$210.00 Graduate students, 6 or more credits (collegiate fee)
$105.00 Graduate students, fewer than 6 credits (collegiate fee)
College of Science and Engineering
$300.00 All students, 6 or more credits (collegiate fee)
$150.00 All students, fewer than 6 credits (collegiate fee)
$1,114.00 MOT students (program fee)
$1,500.00 MSSE students (program fee)
College of Veterinary Medicine
$525.00 All students (collegiate fee)
Humphrey School of Public Affairs
$250.00 All students, 6 or more credits (collegiate fee)
$125.00 All students, fewer than 6 credits (collegiate fee)
Law School
$475.00 All students, 6 or more credits (collegiate fee)
$237.50 All students, fewer than 6 credits (collegiate fee)
Medical School
$200.00 All students (collegiate fee)
$50.00 Mortuary Science students (program fee)
School of Dentistry
$207.00 All students (collegiate fee)
$836.00 Dental hygiene students (instrument usage fee)
$2,044.00 DDS 1-5 years; PASS 3rd & 4th years; DTUG 2nd & 3rd years; Dentral Therapy graduate students (instrument usage fee)
$1,383.00 Endodontics students (instrument usage fee)
$833.00 Pediatrics students (instrument usage fee)
$317.00 Periodontics students (instrument usage fee)
$998.00 Prosthodontics students (instrument usage fee)
$510.00 TMJ students (instrument usage fee)
$32.00 Interactive audio (equipment fee), DDS1; undergraduate Dental Hygiene incoming students, fall only
School of Nursing
$210.00 All students (collegiate fee)
$700.00 BSN, DNP, and MN students (clinical fee)
$457.00 Nurse anesthesia students (program fee)
School of Public Health
$145.00 All students, 6 or more credits (collegiate fee)
$110.00 All students, fewer than 6 credits (collegiate fee)

Academic year 2016–17

Students enrolled in 6 or more credits for fall and spring semester or 3 credits for summer term must pay a student services fee in addition to tuition. This fee is distributed among various student programs, as listed below. Courses that carry no degree credit, and all courses in which you enroll as an auditor, count in the determination of the credit total for the student services fee on a one class hour = one credit basis.

In addition, credits for off-campus, Learning Abroad Center/Office of International Programs, Online and Distance Learning courses, and web-based/TV courses are excluded from the total credit count.

Exemption criteria

Not all University of Minnesota students are required to pay the student services fee. Non-degree-seeking students and post-secondary option students do not need to pay the student services fee. Some students in a certificate academic plan or in specialized/evening/part-time academic plans may also be exempt (check with your program office for more information).

Students meeting the above exemption criteria may elect to pay the fee if they wish to use or support the services covered by the fee. Regents Scholarship recipients, as well as students enrolled in the Senior Citizen Education Program are also exempt from this fee and may not elect to pay the fee.

For a full description of the Student Services fee, go to the Office for Student Affairs website.

The following campus organizations received amounts shown from the student services fee. Amounts allocated to each organization have been rounded to the nearest cent.

Amount Program
$0.16 African Student Association (ASA)
$0.09 All-Campus Elections Commissions
$0.62 Al-Madinah Cultural Center
$0.19 Alpine Ski Team
$0.34 American Indian Cultural Center (AISCC)
$0.15 American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
$0.11 Archery Club
$0.04 Art of Living Club
$0.37 Asian American Student Union
$0.02 Asian Business & Economics Student Association
$0.16 Association of Computing Machinery
$3.65 Aurora Center
$0.18 Bharat
$0.26 Black Graduate & Professional Student Association
$0.04 Black Motivated Women
$0.31 Black Student Union
$9.55 Boynton - Facility Support Fee
$120.38 Boynton - Operational Fee
$0.05 Campus Atheists, Skeptics and Humanists (CASH)
$0.11 Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU)
$0.29 Catholic Students United
$0.50 Chabad at the U of M
$0.03 CLA Business Club
$0.01 Co-Lab
$0.25 Colleges Against Cancer
$0.96 Collegians for a Constructive Tomorrow
$1.16 Community Child Care Center
$1.11 Como Early Learning Center
$0.18 Compassionate Action for Animals
$0.03 Coptic Orthodox Christian Association
$0.08 Council of International Grad Students
$0.03 Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature Student Association
$0.18 Disabled Student Cultural Center
$0.04 Economic Student Organization
$0.01 Education Minnesota
$0.05 Engineers Without Borders
$0.03 ESPM Student Association
$0.09 Feminist Student Activist Collective
$0.03 Forensic Science Club
$0.29 Glitch Gaming
$0.49 GO FIRST
$0.03 Graduate Society of Human Resources Leaders
$0.21 G-TV
$0.06 Gymnastics Club
$0.06 Habitat for Humanity
$0.18 Hmong Minnesota Student Association
$0.02 Human Rights Program Student Advisory Board
$0.02 Humphrey Students of Color Association
$0.14 Indian Student Association
$0.16 Interdisciplinary Perspectives on International Development
$0.07 International Buddy Program
$0.05 Korea's Island Dokdo
$0.29 La Raza Student Cultural Center
$1.52 Learning Abroad Center
$0.15 Lutheran Campus Ministry
$0.28 MacLuarinCSF Students
$0.03 Malaysian Student Association (PERSISMA)
$0.06 Marine Bio Club
$0.02 Minnesota Association of Zombie Enthusiasts
$0.04 Minnesota Disc Golf Club
$0.19 Minnesota Hillel
$0.04 Minnesota Quidditch
$6.20 MN Daily
$0.43 MN International Student Association
$1.11 MN Public Interest Research Group (MPIRG)
$0.09 Multifaith Student Council
$0.03 National Association of Black Accountants
$0.05 Natural Resources Association of Graduate Students
$2.27 Northrop Concerts and Lectures
$0.04 Nursing College Board
$0.03 Partners in Health Engage
$0.04 Peace Corps Ambassadors
$0.08 Philippine Student Association
$0.08 Phillips Neighborhood Clinic
$0.22 Pre-Med AMSA
$0.02 Pre-Med in Action
$0.20 Queer Student Cultural Center
$3.46 Radio K-Operating
$0.10 Rocket Team
$0.03 Roosevelt Institute at the University of Minnesota
$0.78 Saint Paul's Outreach
$0.04 SIAM Student Chapter
$0.29 Small World Coffee Hour
$0.08 Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers
$0.40 Society of Automotive Engineers, University of MN
$0.36 Somali Student Association
$4.02 Student Conflict Resolution Center
$1.95 Student Fee Administration
$0.11 Student National Medical Association
$1.29 Student Service Fees Event Grant
$45.21 Student Unions & Activities - Bond Repayment
$53.15 Student Unions & Activities - Facility Support Fee
$27.51 Student Unions & Activities - Operating Fee
$0.17 Student Veterans Association
$1.14 Students for a Conservative Voice
$0.04 Students for a Democratic Society
$0.20 Students Supporting Israel
$0.23 Tesla Works (Nikola Tesla PP)
$0.04 U Students Like Good Food
$0.04 U-Finance
$0.12 UMN Clean Snowmobile Team
$0.06 UMN Energy Club
$0.18 United Nations Student Association-Model United Nations
$0.08 University Forensic Speaking
$0.04 University Honors Program Student Association
$0.04 University of Minnesota Anthropology Club
$0.54 University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project
$0.11 University of Minnesota Undergrad Mock Trial Association
$75.44 University Recreation and Wellness - Facility Support Fee
$39.39 University Recreation and Wellness - Operational Fee
$0.05 University Running Club
$16.09 University Student Legal Service
$0.04 University Transfer Student Board
$0.18 University YMCA
$0.10 Unlimited Dance Marathon
$0.15 U-Tango Argentine Tango Club
$0.50 Wake Student Magazine
$0.23 WAM Collective
$0.40 Wesley Foundation
$0.09 Wrestling Club
$0.56 Young Americans for Liberty

If you are 1) admitted to a degree program, and 2) registered for six or more credits per semester (or three or more credits during summer term) that count towards the automatic assessment of the Student Services Fee, you are required by the University of Minnesota to have health plan coverage. If you meet both of these criteria you will be automatically enrolled in the University-sponsored Student Health Benefit Plan.

By requiring students to have health plan coverage, the University ensures all students have access to medical care and can maintain good health, which is essential for academic success. You may choose to waive the University-sponsored Student Health Benefit Plan by providing proof of enrollment in an alternative eligible health plan.

Fee (per term) Description Amount
Graduate Assistants Subsidized based on the terms of your University appointment. $115.68
 International Students Additional amounts required for dependents of international students. $999.00
Visiting International Scholars Per month; required for scholars visiting the University for more than 31 days and who do not have other health coverage. The plan is optional for scholars visiting less than 31 days. $200.00
All Other Students Automatically assessed to most students who do not have health plan coverage and are enrolled in a degree program for 6 or more credits per semester (3 or more credits for summer) that count toward the assessment of the mandatory student services fee. $999.00

General fees

Fee Name Description Amount (per term)
Capital Enhancement fee Ensures a reliable revenue stream to support long-term capital financing for the renewal of facilities or construction of new facilities that contribute to or enhance student life. Required of students on the Twin Cities campus who pay the student services fee. $75.00
Counsel of Graduate Students (COGS) fee The COGS fee is assessed to all graduate students who are assessed the Student Services Fee, with the exception of students admitted to Departmental Masters' or Professional Programs. The fee is used to fund the Counsel of Graduate Students (COGS) student organization. $10.56
Professional Student Government (PSG) fee Nonrefundable fee assessed each term to graduate level, degree-seeking students in graduate programs and most undergraduate/graduate professional programs $15.55
International Student Engagement fee Required of all students who hold non-immigrant visas $14.00
International Student Administration fee Administrative fee assessed for orientation and advising. Required of all students who hold temporary nonimmigrant visas $145.00
International Sponsored Student fee Supports additional administrative requirements of sponsored international student support. Required for all sponsored international students. $300.00
International Student Academic Services fee Required of undergraduate international students used to enhance academic international student experiences and services. For more information visit z.umn.edu/internationalfee. $250.00
Long Term Disability Insurance fee Charged to all Academic Health Center (AHC) students. When paid in fall and spring, the insurance covers a full calendar year. $43.50
Minnesota Student Association (MSA) Non-refundable fee assessed to all undergraduates registered for 6 or more credits $2.41
Stadium fee The student stadium fee supports the construction costs and debt service of the on-campus football stadium that also serves the marching band, intramural and club sports, student activities, and other University functions (not assessed during summer term). $6.00
Transportation fee Non-refundable fee to support the U Pass bus transit program assessed to all students.
EXEMPTIONS: post-secondary option high school students, Regents Scholarship recipients, and students registered in off-campus, non-metro courses or Online and Distance Learning courses only

Service and usage fees

Fee Name Description Amount (per Term)
Credit by Special Examination fee Fee per credit; contact college office for more information $50.00
Duplicate Diploma fee Charged for duplicate and replacement diplomas $15.00
Payment Plan fee Flat fee charged each term for the University student account payment plan $20.00
Late Payment fee Assessed per billing cycle for payments received after the billing statement due date $40.00
Late Registration fee For any initial registration during the first two weeks of any session (regular, first, or second session) *Fall and spring semesters only $50.00
Late Registration fee For any initial registration beginning the third week or later of any session (regular, first, or second session) *Fall and spring semesters only $100.00
Official transcript fee Assessed according to the delivery option selected, e.g., rush, priority overnight, international priority (unofficial transcripts are available online at no cost) Varies
Online and Distance Learning If you enroll in an Online & Distance Learning course (with some exceptions), you will be charged this term fee. $100.00
Return Item fee Assessed for any returned check or electronic payment $20.00
U Card replacement fee Lost, stolen, or damaged U Cards may be replaced for a fee. Lost or stolen cards should be deactivated online immediately at http://www.umn.edu/ucard to prevent unauthorized use of your card. Once your U Card has been deactivated, it cannot be reactivated. Call the U Card offce at 612-626-9900 or visit http://www.umn.edu/ucard to obtain current information on hours. $25.00

Historical fee rates

Past year tuition and fee information can be found in the PDFs below. They are abridged from the President’s Operating Budget approved by the Board of Regents. 

Important Dates

Billing & Payment

Tue, Feb 28, 2017 Spring payment due in full (or second payment if enrolled in payment plan)
Mon, Mar 27, 2017 Last day to receive a 100% tuition refund for canceling second 7-week session classes
Tue, Mar 28, 2017 Spring payment due in full (or third payment if enrolled in payment plan)