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Viewing grades

When and where to view grades

You can view your grades on the Grades tab in MyU: AcademicsYou may also grant access to a parent or guest to allow them to view your grades. Your grades should be available four business days after the end of the term. If your grades are not available online by this time, check with your instructor or academic advisor.

Understanding your grades

For the University's complete policy related to grading see the University's Grading and Transcripts policy.

Both your cumulative and per-term grade point average (GPA) can be found on your unofficial transcript. If you would like to predict your cumulative GPA at the end of the term, calculate the average GPA needed to raise your cumulative GPA, calculate how many additional credit hours are needed to raise your cumulative GPA, or calculate how a grade in a repeated course will impact your GPA, you can use the GPA calculator provided by the University of Minnesota, Rochester. 

A-F grading

You will take most courses on an A-F grade basis. Courses graded A-F follow the scale below.

GradeGrade pointsDefinition
A+4.333Assigned only in the Law School
A4.000Achievement that is outstanding relative to the level necessary to meet course requirements
B3.000Achievement that is significantly above the level necessary to meet course requirements
C2.000Achievement that meets the course requirements in every respect
D1.000Achievement that is worthy of credit even though it fails to meet fully the course requirements
F0.000Represents failure (or no credit) and signifies that the work was either (1) completed but at a level of achievement that is not worthy of credit or (2) was not completed and there was no agreement between the instructor and the student that the student would be awarded an I (see also I)

S/N grading

S/N means "satisfactory" or "non-satisfactory." This is the University's scale for classes you take "pass/fail."

GradeGrade pointsDefinition
SNot calculatedAchievement that is satisfactory, which is equivalent to a C- or better for undergraduate students. Graduate and professional programs may establish higher standards for earning a grade of S.
NNot calculatedSame as F (above)

Additional grade symbols

Depending on your circumstances, you may also receive these symbols. Some professional programs have additional grade notations.

GradeGrade pointsDefinition
ENot calculatedAchievement that is significantly greater than the level required to meet the basic course requirements but not judged to be outstanding
INot calculatedIncomplete — assigned at the discretion of the instructor when, due to extraordinary circumstances, e.g., hospitalization, a student is prevented from completing the work of the course on time. Requires a written agreement between instructor and student
KNot calculatedAssigned by an instructor to indicate the course is still in progress and that a grade cannot be assigned at the present time
NGNot calculatedNo grade required
NRNot calculatedGrade not reported
ONot calculatedRepresents outstanding achievement for Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine programs
VNot calculatedRegistration as an auditor or visitor (a non-grade non-credit registration)
XNot calculatedReported by the instructor for a student in a sequence course where the grade cannot be determined until the sequence is complete – the instructor is to submit a grade for each X when the sequence is complete
WNot calculatedA W is recorded when a student officially withdraws from a course in accordance with procedures established by the student's college or campus.

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