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Information on making a SAP Appeal

Your right to appeal

If you are not meeting SAP standards, you will receive an email notice before the beginning of the next term. You may appeal your financial aid suspension status for the following reasons:

  • Your record shows that you earned the required GPA or cumulative completed credits percentage to meet SAP standards during a term at your own expense.
  • You were readmitted after suspension from your college.
  • Unusual circumstances interfered with your ability to meet SAP standards, including but not limited to:
    • Illness, accident, or injury experienced by you or a significant person in your life
      Documentation required: physician's statement, police report, or other documentation from a third party professional; hospital billing statement
    • Death of a family member or significant person in your life
      Documentation required: a copy of the obituary or death certificate
    • Divorce experienced by you or parent
      Documentation required: attorney's letter on law firm's letterhead or copy of divorce decree
    • Reinstatement after an academic dismissal or extended break in your enrollment
      Documentation required: adviser's written statement
    • Personal problems or issues with your spouse, family, roommate, or other significant person
      Documentation required: written statement from medical doctor, counselor, attorney, or other professional advisor
    • Successfully following an academic plan during the probationary term, yet remaining below the overall completion ratio of 67%
      Documentation required: appeal with advisor's statement section completed
    • Exceeding timeframe while in a second undergraduate or dual degree program or as a result of changing your major
      Documentation required: appeal with advisor's statement section completed

If you have been placed on financial aid suspension, your financial aid awards will be canceled after the fifth week of the term. Those canceled funds are returned to the originating programs to be awarded to other eligible financial aid recipients. If your appeal is granted, your aid will be reinstated, based on what funds are available at that time. As a result of financial aid suspension, your original award(s) may be reduced or lost.

Appeals must be submitted no later than 30 days prior to the end of the term you receive notice. Incomplete or late appeals may jeopardize the reviewing of your appeal in a time frame that would allow disbursement of financial aid, if the appeal is approved.

Undergraduate and master's degree students

To appeal your suspension due to any of these or similar personal crises, explain your circumstances in detail on the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal for Undergraduate, Master's, and Professional Students form.

PhD candidates

Complete the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal for Doctoral Students form. Your academic advisor and director of graduate studies must sign the appeal. Submit the form to One Stop Student Services for review by the SAP appeals committee.

Important Dates


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