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Use the search below to find classes that will fulfill your education requirements. You can also reference the Class Schedule and Course Catalog when planning your degree.

Liberal Education Requirements

Subject Catalog Number Title Description
MILI 3589 Medical Technology and Society Technology and Society

MKTG 4080W Marketing Strategy Writing Intensive

MKTG 4082W Brand Management Writing Intensive

MLSP 5011W Professional Issues in the Health Care Community Writing Intensive

MLSP 5014W Laboratory Operations and Management in Health Care Systems Writing Intensive

MM 3001W Manufacturing in the Global Economy Writing Intensive

MONT 3021W Love, Heresy and Betrayal in Medieval Literature Writing Intensive

MONT 3311W La France Mosaique: Perspectives on Contemporary France Writing Intensive

MONT 3505W Writing in French: Tools and Techniques Writing Intensive

MORT 3012W Organization and Management of Funeral Business Writing Intensive

MORT 3021W Funeral Service Psychology and Arrangements Theory Writing Intensive

MORT 3022W Funeral Service Arrangements Laboratory Writing Intensive

MORT 3091W Independent Study in Funeral Service Writing Intensive

MOT 4010 Management of Science and Technology in the Middle East, Global Seminar Global Perspectives

MUS 1013 Rock I: The Historical Origins and Development of Rock Music to 1970 Arts/Humanities
Diversity and Soc. Justice in the U.S.
MUS 1014 Rock II: Rock Music from 1970 to the Present Arts/Humanities
Diversity and Soc. Justice in the U.S.
MUS 1015W Music and Movies: The Use and Representation of Music and Musicians in Film in a Global Context Writing Intensive

MUS 1021 Introduction to Music Arts/Humanities

MUS 1801W Music, Society, and Cultures Arts/Humanities
Global Perspectives
Writing Intensive
MUS 1804 World Music Arts/Humanities
Global Perspectives
MUS 1914W Music in Nazi Germany Civic Life and Ethics
Writing Intensive
MUS 3021 Introduction to Music Arts/Humanities

MUS 3029 American Music Cultures Arts/Humanities
Diversity and Soc. Justice in the U.S.
MUS 3271 Benvenuto a Milano: The City of Music, Art and Fashion Arts/Humanities
Global Perspectives
MUS 3601W History of Western Music I Writing Intensive

MUS 3602W History of Western Music II Writing Intensive

MUS 3603W History of Western Music III Writing Intensive

NAV 4401W Leadership and Management I Writing Intensive

NAV 4402W Leadership and Ethics Civic Life and Ethics
Writing Intensive
NSC 5031W Perception Writing Intensive

NSC 5661W Behavioral Neuroscience Writing Intensive

NSCI 1001 Fundamental Neuroscience: Understanding Ourselves Technology and Society

NSCI 2100 Human Neuroanatomy Biological Sciences

NSCI 3001W Neuroscience and Society Civic Life and Ethics
Writing Intensive
NSCI 3102W Neurobiology II: Perception and Behavior Writing Intensive

NSCI 4793W Directed Studies: Writing Intensive Writing Intensive

NSCI 4794W Directed Research: Writing Intensive Writing Intensive

NURS 3115 Health Informatics and Information Technology Technology and Society

NURS 3710 Statistics for Clinical Practice and Research Mathematical Thinking

NURS 4104 Ethical Sensitivity and Reasoning in Health Care Civic Life and Ethics

NURS 4205V Honors: Nursing Theory and Research Writing Intensive

NURS 4205W Nursing Theory and Research Writing Intensive

NURS 4324 Transcultural Nursing and Global Health Global Perspectives

NURS 4402 Taking Ethical Action in Health Care Civic Life and Ethics

NURS 4404V Honors: Applied Research and Research Utilization Writing Intensive

NURS 4777W Senior Project in the Nursing Major Writing Intensive

NURS 5040H Seeking Solutions to Global Health Issues Global Perspectives

OJIB 5204W Ojibwe Mastery II Writing Intensive

OLPD 1231 Technological Change and Workplace Learning: Past and Present Historical Perspectives

OLPD 1461 Presentations in Work Settings: Business & Marketing Education and Human Resource Development Civic Life and Ethics


Important Dates


Thu, Dec 20, 2018 End of fall semester
Tue, Jan 22, 2019 Spring full semester and first 7-week sessions begin
Tue, Mar 12, 2019 Spring second 7-week session begins