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Use the search below to find classes that will fulfill your education requirements. You can also reference the Class Schedule and Course Catalog when planning your degree.

Liberal Education Requirements

Subject Catalog Number Title Description
AFRO 3654 African Cinema Arts/Humanities
Global Perspectives
AFRO 3655 African-American Cinema Arts/Humanities
Diversity and Soc. Justice in the U.S.
AFRO 3745 Black Cultural Studies Arts/Humanities
Diversity and Soc. Justice in the U.S.
AFRO 3864 African American History: 1619 to 1865 Historical Perspectives
Civic Life and Ethics
AFRO 3868W Race, War, and Race Wars in American History Civic Life and Ethics
Writing Intensive
AFRO 4478W Contemporary Politics in Africa and the Colonial Legacy Global Perspectives
Writing Intensive
AFRO 4991W Thesis Research and Writing Writing Intensive

AFRO 5181W Blacks in American Theatre Writing Intensive

AFRO 5182W Contemporary Black Drama and Dramaturgies Writing Intensive

AGRO 1101 Biology of Plant Food Systems Biological Sciences

AGRO 1103 Crops, Environment, and Society Environment

AGRO 1660W First-Year Colloquium/Experience in Agroecosystems Analysis Writing Intensive

AGRO 3203W Environment, Global Food Production, and the Citizen Global Perspectives
Writing Intensive
AGRO 3305 Agroecosystems of the world Global Perspectives

AGRO 4094W Undergraduate Directed Thesis Research Writing Intensive

AGRO 4096W Professional Experience Program: Internships Writing Intensive

AHS 1901 Health in the Tropics: Humans, Animals, and Ecosystems Global Perspectives

AHS 3001 Health and Medicine in India in a Social and Cultural Context Global Perspectives

AHS 3002 Global Health in Thailand - Humans, Elephants, and Disease Global Perspectives

AHS 3003 Sustainable Approaches to Health in France Global Perspectives

AMES 1001 Asian Film and Animation Arts/Humanities
Global Perspectives
AMES 1201 Arrow, Fist, and Sword: Conceptions of the Hero in Asian Cultures Literature
Global Perspectives
AMES 1806 Modern Arab Cultures and Societies Arts/Humanities
Global Perspectives
AMES 1836 Modern Middle Eastern Literature Literature
Global Perspectives
AMES 3232W "Short" Poetry in China and Japan Writing Intensive

AMES 3265W The Fantastic in East Asia: Ghosts, Foxes, and the Alien Literature
Writing Intensive
AMES 3336 Revolution and Modernity in Chinese Literature and Culture Literature
Global Perspectives
AMES 3337 Contemporary Chinese Literature and Popular Culture Literature
Global Perspectives
AMES 3351 Martial Arts in Chinese Literature and Film Arts/Humanities
Global Perspectives
AMES 3356W Chinese Film Arts/Humanities
Writing Intensive
AMES 3362 Women Writers in Chinese History Arts/Humanities
Global Perspectives
AMES 3373 Religion and Society in Imperial China Historical Perspectives

AMES 3433 Traditional Japanese Literature in Translation Literature

AMES 3436 Postwar Japanese Literature in Translation Literature
Global Perspectives
AMES 3437 The Japanese Novel Literature
Global Perspectives
AMES 3441 Japanese Theater Arts/Humanities

AMES 3442 Performing Arts in Japan and Their Cultural Backgrounds Global Perspectives

AMES 3456 Japanese Film Global Perspectives

AMES 3458 Japanese Animation Global Perspectives

AMES 3468 Environment, Technology and Culture in Modern Japan Environment

AMES 3478 Modern Japan, Meiji to the Present (1868-2000) Historical Perspectives

AMES 3536 Modern Korean Literature Literature
Global Perspectives
AMES 3556 Korean Film and Media Arts/Humanities
Global Perspectives
AMES 3558 Korean Popular Culture Arts/Humanities
Global Perspectives
AMES 3637W Modern Indian Literature Literature
Global Perspectives
Writing Intensive
AMES 3651 Ghosts of India Global Perspectives

AMES 3672 Buddhism Global Perspectives

AMES 3673 Survey of India: Languages, Literature, and Film Global Perspectives

AMES 3679 Religion and Society in Modern South Asia Arts/Humanities
Global Perspectives
AMES 3771 History of Southeast Asia Global Perspectives


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Tue, Jan 18, 2022 Spring full semester and first 7-week sessions begin
Tue, Mar 15, 2022 Spring second 7-week session begins