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Registration time table

May/summer 2015 registration times

The May/summer 2015 registration queue opens on Monday, March 9. Non-degree and visiting students may register on Friday, May 1.

Fall 2015 registration times

The fall 2015 registration queue opens with Stage 1 on Monday, March 23, and ends with Stage 4 on Saturday, April 4. Non-degree and visiting students may register when Stage 5 begins on Friday, May 1.

You will be randomly selected for your queue time within your appropriate stage based on your cumulative credit total. For example, those with 80 cumulative credits will register before those that have 75 cumulative credits.

The cumulative credit total includes completed and in-progress credits. Audit courses are not counted in your cumulative credits, nor are they counted as credits in progress.

NOTE: The dates listed are approximate. To view your enrollment time, please click the When to register quick link.

Stage Status Date*
Stage 1 Graduate/professional students and seniors with 90+ cumulative credits March 23-27
Stage 2 Juniors with 60+ cumulative credits March 27-31 (except Sunday, 3/29)
Stage 3 Sophomores with 30+ cumulative credits March 31-April 2
Stage 4 Freshmen with less than 30 cumulative credits April 2-4
Stage 5 Open enrollment (non-degree and visiting students) Friday, May 1

*The University is undergoing a system-wide upgrade starting Friday, April 10 with a projected completion date of Monday, April 20. You will be unable to register during this time. Once the upgrade is complete, you will utilize the new registration system. Tools for how to navigate through the new system are forthcoming. Please visit for up-to-date information.

Some students may have registration times that are different from what they expect. Please contact your college office regarding registration appointment procedures.

Please note, ODL extended term (9-month) courses haveĀ special registration times.