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Your advisor can help you choose classes that are appropriate for your student status, meet core requirements, represent a balanced academic scope, and expose you to possible majors.

Seven primary tools

  • Registration times
    An interactive tool that provides personal enrollment timing information based on your student record
  • Email request to activate registration
    Use an email request to get active in the registration system
  • Class Search
    Customized class listing, according to your interests, schedule, and other personal criteria
  • Class Schedule
    Lists all classes scheduled under one subject during a term (includes past terms)
  • Course Guide
    Describes course topic, scope, instructor biography, assignments, section status, books/materials required, and more
  • Grade Distribution Report
    The Grade Distribution Report provides an analysis of undergraduate student achievement. It is available by academic year, term, institution, college, and subject. Courses are grouped by the overall course level (e.g., 1xxx aims to represent all 1xxx level courses for a particular subject).