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Email request to activate registration

To be activated in the registration system, complete the fields on this page, if you:

  • are NOT admitted to or active in a program for the term, and
  • would like to self-register using the Web registration system.

Do NOT use this registration activation request if you:

  • have already submitted a registration form for the term (you were activated at that time).
  • are seeking readmission to the University. Contact your college office for readmission procedures.
  • want to receive graduate credit and are not admitted to a graduate program. Instead, complete a Registration Request for Graduate Credit form available to complete online and download.


You must complete all fields marked as required for identification, admission, and academic records purposes. The remaining optional fields are used for identification, advising, course placement, and institutional research.


When you have completed all of the the fields, select the "Continue - Review your request" button at the bottom of the page.

Once you review and submit your request on the next page, your request will be emailed to One Stop Student Services staff for processing. Please allow up to three (3) business days for your record to be activated.


You will receive an email confirmation when your record has been activated.

Activate registration

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Your request has NOT been submitted yet. Click continue to review your request.