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Activate for non-degree registration

Request to:

Before you are able to register for undergraduate classes at the Twin Cities campus, you must activate your student record. To make an email request for activation, select the "Activate registration" option on the right and follow the directions for completing and submitting the request online*. Your request will be sent by email to One Stop Student Services for processing.

To encourage all students to utilize the online registration system, non-degree seeking students will need to activate their student account at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and proceed to initiate the account and register online. You will receive the necessary information to initiate your student account online via email from a One Stop Counselor. If you have issues initiating your account, please contact 1-HELP, the University's technology helpline, at 612-301-HELP (612-301-4357).

You will receive an email confirmation and University Student ID number once your registration has been processed.

If you are a student at another system campus, please read the information specific to your campus at the link below:

*The most up-to-date version of your browser may be needed for information to display.