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One Stop non-degree registration

Use this option if you are a non-degree student who:

  • is not actively enrolled in a University degree program.
  • wants to take graduate level courses before admission to a graduate degree program (e.g., master or doctorate).
  • needs coursework to appear on a graduate level transcript.

Seven steps to register

Link here for seven steps to register for this option only.


  • You cannot be active or enrolled in any other program, whether graduate or undergraduate, at the University.
  • You are admitted to the program for one term only.
  • You must pay the graduate or professional school tuition rate for all credits you take during the term, regardless of whether or not the classes are taken for graduate credit.
  • To transfer credits to a University Graduate School degree, consult with the major program to determine the maximum transfer credits allowed.
  • You cannot register for class(s) through online Web registration, but you can cancel class(s), change your credit load, or your grade basis for a class (A-F, S/N).
  • This enrollment option does not meet the standards of maintaining non-immigrant student legal status and cannot be used to obtain a visa document. For assistance with visa standards, please contact International Student & Scholar Services.

Tuition & fees

    Tuition and fees are assessed at the graduate school (resident or nonresident) rate with the exception of the following programs: industrial relations, public affairs, agriculture, business taxation, medicine, and public health.

    Courses in these programs are assessed at the tuition rate for the respective program. Check out the tuition rates for all programs. Note: All registration deadlines, late fees, and refund schedules are applicable. Students should see the One Stop Registration website for details.