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Non-degree billing & payment

Your online billing statement

An email notice will be sent to your University email account when your online billing statement is ready. The email message will include a link to your billing statement in your student account. You will not receive a paper bill.

Due dates

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Costs, tuition & fees

Cancel/add & refund deadlines

Full payment due

Tuition, fees, and all other charges on your bill are due in full by the first billing due date. Your payment must be received, not postmarked, by the due date. Billing statements posted after the first billing cycle must be paid in full by the due date indicated on the bill.

If you do not pay your bill by the first University billing due date, all of your courses for the current term will be canceled, except for one circumstance: if you have already received a grade for a course (other than a "W"). In that case, your registration for the term will not be canceled, and you will be responsible for all account charges.


Re-registration is not guaranteed if your registration is administratively canceled due to non-payment. If you obtain the necessary approval to re-register, your enrollment must be restored to the full state it was in at the time of cancellation.

Before you cancel classes, check the refund schedule. Unless you cancel during the 100 percent refund period, you will be required to pay a percentage of your tuition and fees.