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Attending commencement

Commencement ceremonies for students graduating in spring 2014 will be held from Friday, May 2 to Sunday, May 18. Make sure there are no holds on your record. If you owe the University money, you will not receive transcripts or diplomas, or have your degree verified.

May/summer aid

If you are planning to enroll for May/summer term and need financial aid, you are not required to complete a separate financial aid application to have eligibility determined for grants, work-study, and loans. In early May, an electronic Financial Aid Award Notice (eFAAN) of financial aid eligibility will be sent to your official University email address.

Minnesota Dream Act

Do you know about the Minnesota Dream Act and possible eligibility for student aid? If you are an undocumented student click the link to find out more:

Exit counseling required

Graduating soon? Exit counseling is required for all borrowers of federal and University-administered loans. You will receive an email informing you of when you should complete your counseling. A hold will remain on your student record until it is complete.

Non-degree registration

Interested in taking classes as a non-degree student? First, initiate your University internet account. As a non-degree student, you can register for classes for May/summer term during open enrollment. You must pay all tuition and fees by the first billing due date, which is is July 9 for May/summer 2014.

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