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Parent PLUS loan

If you have accepted the Parent PLUS loan it will require your parent to complete necessary loan documents. Instructions for completing these documents are available at the One Stop website.

Fall 2014 aid disbursement

Fall 2014 financial aid will disburse to student accounts beginning after 5 p.m. on Monday, August 25 and continue to disburse throughout the semester. If your financial aid exceeds your tuition and fees charges, you will receive a credit balance in your bank account during the first week of classes. You must sign up for direct deposit to receive your credit balance.

Financial aid & housing costs

Financial aid can be used to cover your living expenses for living on or off campus. If you are living on campus, any housing and meal charges on your student account can be paid by your disbursed funds. If you are living off campus, any remaining financial aid after your tuition and fees are paid will be direct deposited to your bank account for living expenses.

Alternative loan options

Federal student loans provide the most favorable terms, so accept any awarded federal loans first. If you need additional support or do not wish to accept the Parent PLUS loan, evaluate your private loan options.

Respond to your eFAAN

Awarding of 2014-15 financial aid is now in progress. Please review your electronic Financial Aid Award Notice (eFAAN) and respond to your awards at your earliest convenience.

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