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Repeating a course

In accordance with University policy (section F.6), the following are key points when considering repeating a course:

  • Students may repeat a U of M course once.
  • Petitions to request to take a course a third time are rarely approved.
  • Petitions to take a course a fourth time will not be considered.

Requests for taking a course a third time are unlikely to be approved if the student:

  • Wants to improve his/her GPA
  • Needs a better grade for admission to a major and/or graduate/professional school
  • Wants to change probation/suspension status
  • Can take an approved equivalent course at another nearby institution, either online or in person
  • Did not realize the course couldn’t be taken a third time
  • Earned a lower grade the second time the course was taken
  • Did not take the course seriously the first two times
  • Had a conflict with the instructor and/or teaching assistant
  • Miscalculated the level of difficulty of the course, or took the course without taking an expected prerequisite course

Reasons for not approving a third attempt request are not limited to those listed above.

Note: Even though an instructor may suggest that a student repeat a course for a third time and/or supports the student’s request, this would not be acceptable grounds for approving a student's petition.

Students should consider these potential implications of repeating a course:

  • Retaking a class can extend the time it takes for the student to graduate.
  • Students do not earn additional cumulative credit when he/she retakes a course, which can affect athletic eligibility.

Requests to enroll in a course for a third time may be considered for students who demonstrate one of the following:

  • The course is needed for the student’s major (in which success has already been demonstrated) and there is no equivalent course available at another nearby institution.
  • Student is returning to the University after 5 or more years absence and needs to repeat a course to continue on in their program.

Any questions about this process or the policy should be directed to your college advising office.

Undergraduate students

If you are an undergraduate student who repeats a course, both grades for the course will appear on your official transcript, but the number of credits is only counted once, and only the last enrollment will count in your GPA. The grade you earn during the last enrollment will count in your GPA, even if that grade is lower.

If you earn an 'N' in a course you are repeating because you previously earned an 'F,' the 'F' grade will continue to be calculated in your GPA.

Graduate and professional students

If you are a student enrolled in the Graduate School, all registrations and grades for repeated courses remain on your graduate transcript and are calculated into your cumulative GPA. Remember that appropriate tuition and fees will be assessed for any courses you repeat.

Repeating a course FAQ

What if the I took an equivalent course at another University of Minnesota campus (Duluth, Rochester, Morris, Crookston) or at another university or college?

Credit for coursework taken at other institutions will be transferred subject to the conditions found on the transferring credit webpage. If you took an equivalent course at another U of M campus, that attempt counts as towards the repeat policy (i.e. if you took a course at the Twin Cities campus, then took an equivalent course at Morris, you will not be allowed to take the course again, as the second attempt at Morris counts as repeating the course).

What happens when I try to register for a class a 3rd time?

You will see this message: Course NOT added. Course previously taken. Enrollment not allowed. See academic repeat policies and procedures.
At this point, please consult with your academic adviser to explore other options.

If I need a grade of C or better, and my first two attempts failed to do so, what are my options?

You should speak with your adviser about your options. He or she will be the best resource and can help you determine the most appropriate next steps given your circumstances.

I want to take a course a third time! What can I do? (Twin Cities specific)

Please closely review the above guidelines. Speak with your adviser to help determine the most appropriate next steps given your circumstances.

If the committee approves, what are the next steps? (Twin Cities specific)

When a petition is approved, the college will notify One Stop Student Services to enroll you directly into the repeat course.

Does taking an equivalent course at another institution count as my one opportunity to repeat a course?

Undergraduate students may repeat University of Minnesota courses only
once. Transfer courses do not count toward this limit.

If I have a "W" (for withdrawal) does that count as having taken the

No, "W's" do not count as having taken the course.