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Please pay your bill on time to avoid cancellation of registration or additional charges, such as late payment fees. There are two primary payment options: online and by mail. The quickest way to pay your bill is online through your Student Account.

If you do not pay the balance due by the due date on your most recent billing statement, a hold will be added to your student record that will prohibit you from registering for classes, charging books to your student account, and getting transcripts or diplomas.

Any time you pay less than the balance due as stated on your billing statement by the due date, you will be charged a $40 late payment fee and a hold will be placed on your record.

Please note: If you are enrolled as a non-degree student, you are required to pay your tuition and other charges in full by the first due date and are not eligible for a payment plan.

If you need assistance with payment methods, contact One Stop Student Services.