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Buying a computer

Starting college means buying lots of new gear: clothes, furniture, books, supplies, and, maybe for the first time, your own computer. (Some University degree programs require you to buy a new laptop.) The University helps reduce the cost of such a potentially expensive investment with discounted purchasing, reliable information, and support services. Many other reputable resources are available online, as well. So, make an informed decision by researching what's available; identifying exactly what you need; and comparing features and prices to get the best deal.

  • First, decide when you really need to make the purchase: now or later. The University provides students with campus-based access to shared computer resources, labs and kiosks at convenient locations on all three campuses. Using these low-cost facilities can give you time to save the money you'll need to buy your own computer later.
  • Don't know what you need? Here are some online articles dealing with how to choose the best computer for you.
  • Office of Information Technology (OIT) has a page dedicated to campus computers, purchasing computers, campus internet connections and learning with technology.
  • U Market has deals for University faculty, students and staff. You must sign in to the site using your x.500 login. Be sure that you shop around, as occasionally you might find a better deal at the Web site direct.
  • UTools is a University source for discounted computer software. The University has paid for one Microsoft Office and one Windows license per student in order to provide this offer. Enrolled students can order these software packets for less than $15 online through UTools.

Using open source or freeware software can help you save money.