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General fees

Academic year, 2016–17

SEMESTER RATES: Read the description carefully to determine which fees may apply to you. All rates given are per semester, except where monthly rates are noted.


University fee - This fee is now included in the tuition rate.

$ 432.18

Student Services fee - Charged to all students who enroll in 6 or more credits for fall and spring semester or 3 credits for summer term. This fee is not charged if the student is in an exempt classification (see below). Courses that carry no degree credit and all audited courses are included in the credit total (one class hour equals one credit). In addition, credits for off-campus, Learning Abroad Center/Office of International Programs, Online and Distance Learning courses, and web-based/TV courses are excluded from the total credit count. The student services fee is used to support various student programs in allocated amounts that are listed at the Student Services Fee page.

EXEMPTIONS: You do not need to pay the student services fee if you are a student who is

  • admitted to a credit certificate or specialized / evening / part-time academic plan (contact your program office for clarification)
  • not admitted to a degree program
  • enrolled in the post-secondary enrollment options (PSEO) program
  • a Regents Scholarship recipient
  • registered in the Senior Citizen Education Program

OPTION TO PAY: If you are exempt yet want to have limited access to services covered by the fee (student health plan excluded), you must pay the fee. Regents Scholarship recipients and Senior Citizen Education Program participants are not allowed the option to pay the fee.

For more information, go the Student Services Fees page.

Capital Enhancement fee - Ensures a reliable revenue stream to support long-term capital financing for the renewal of facilities or construction of new facilities that contribute to or enhance student life. Required of students on the Twin Cities campus who pay the student services fee.
Counsel of Graduate Students (COGS) fee - The COGS fee is assessed to all graduate students who are assessed the Student Services Fee, with the exception of students admitted to Departmental Masters' or Professional Programs. The fee is used to fund the Counsel of Graduate Students (COGS) student organization.
Professional Student Government (PSG) fee - Nonrefundable fee assessed each term to graduate level, degree-seeking students in graduate programs and most undergraduate/graduate professional programs
International Student Engagement fee - Required of all students who hold non-immigrant visas
International Student Administration fee - Administrative fee assessed for orientation and advising. Required of all students who hold temporary nonimmigrant visas
International Sponsored Student fee - Supports additional administrative requirements of sponsored international student support. Required for all sponsored international students.
International Undergraduate Surcharge - Required of undergraduate international students for international student support initiatives.
Long Term Disability Insurance fee - Charged to all Academic Health Center (AHC) students. When paid in fall and spring, the insurance covers a full calendar year.
Minnesota Student Association (MSA) - Non-refundable fee assessed to all undergraduates registered for 6 or more credits
Stadium fee - The student stadium fee supports the construction costs and debt service of the on-campus football stadium that also serves the marching band, intramural and club sports, student activities, and other University functions (not assessed during summer term).
Student Health Benefit Plan for Graduate Assistants - subsidized based on the terms of your University appointment. For more information, visit the Student Health Benefit Plan website.
Student Health Benefit Plan for International Students - Additional amounts required for dependents of international students. For more information, visit the Student Health Benefit Plan website.
Student Health Benefit Plan for Visiting International Scholars - Per month; required for scholars visiting the University for more than 31 days and who do not have other health coverage. The plan is optional for scholars visiting less than 31 days. For more information, visit the Student Health Benefit Plan website.
Student Health Benefit Plan for All Other Students - Automatically assessed to most students who do not have health plan coverage and are enrolled in a degree program for 6 or more credits per semester (3 or more credits for summer) that count toward the assessment of the mandatory student services fee. For more information, visit the Student Health Benefit Plan website.
Transportation fee - Non-refundable fee to support the U Pass bus transit program assessed to all students EXEMPTIONS: post-secondary option high school students, Regents Scholarship recipients, and students registered in off-campus, non-metro courses or Online and Distance Learning courses only