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Approving or Denying Grade Changes Tutorial

If you encounter any problems with the Supplemental Grades system, please contact the Student Records Training Team at 612-625-2803 or

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Step 1: If you are listed as an approver for grade changes, you will receive the following email informing you that a change has been submitted. The email also contains a link to the approval page. You must click on this link.

Clicking on the link in the email will open a page showing a list of classes with changes requiring approval.


Step 2: Clicking on a class will open that class in the supplemental grades approval page. The approval page will show only students whose grade changes require approval.


Step 3: You must select Approved or Denied and you may choose to enter a comment. Comments are not required.


Step 4: After approving or denying the grade change, click on the "Submit" button.


Step 5: After clicking "Submit", you will receive the following message. Click "OK".


Step 6: Repeat the previous steps if there are more grades awaiting approval. If you are done, you may log out of the system.