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Civic Life and Ethics courses

Civic Life and Ethics Theme courses equip students to manage contemporary problems by developing their understanding of how civic and ethical principles have been historically developed, critically assessed by individuals and groups, and negotiated within specific cultural settings.

To satisfy the Civic Life and Ethics Theme requirement, a course must meet these criteria:

  • The course presents and defines ethics and the role of ethics in civic life.

  • The course explores how the ethical principles of a society or societies have been derived and developed through group processes, and debated in various arenas.

  • The course encourages students to develop, defend, or challenge their personal values and beliefs as they relate to their lives as residents of the United States and members of a global society.

  • Students have concrete opportunities to identify and apply their knowledge of ethics, both in solving short-term problems and in creating long-term forecasts.

This list reflects courses currently certified to fulfill the noted LE requirements. This list is intended for exploratory pursuits. Please refer to the Class Schedule and Course Catalog for degree planning purposes. 

Designator Title Diversified Core Designated Theme Writing Intensive