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What is APAS?

Your APAS (Academic Progress Audit System) report lists your degree requirements, summarizes your progress, and explains what you will need to do to complete your declared degree program. The APAS report is primarily utilized by undergraduate students.

APAS draws its information from your online student record; therefore, each time the report is processed you can be assured that it contains the most up-to-date information. For many programs, your APAS is used to clear you for graduation.

At a minimum, check your APAS report at the following times:

  • When you register for classes
  • When you change your registration (i.e., drop or swap a class)
  • Before you meet with your adviser
  • When you are ready to apply to graduate

Tutorial: How to read your APAS report

Watch full tutorial

Watch specific APAS topics

You can also request APAS or Student Course Reports in person at any One Stop Student Services location (University of Minnesota ID required).

View/Print an APAS

The 'History of Coursework' section includes transfer coursework and any Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), Post-Secondary Education Options (PSEO), and College in the Schools coursework. If a transfer course doesn’t come in as an equivalent, refer to your Transfer Record of Articulated Courses (TRAC) and/or speak with your adviser.

A ‘what if’ APAS: Use this to see how your completed and/or in-progress coursework fits with the current requirements of a different degree program.