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Authorize access to a student record

University student record information, such as grades and classes completed, is recorded online in a dynamic profile that is continually updated. A student must grant permission for a parent or guest to access the details of, or to view bills and make payments in, her or his student account.

What can I access on my student's record?

Full access

View-only access

Parents/guests have full access to view the Student Account and complete online billing & payment.

Parents/guests can receive view-only access to the student's:
  • Enrollment summary
  • Grades
  • Housing contract, assignment and billing
  • Student conduct in on-campus housing
  • Financial Aid Status
  • Financial Aid Awards
  • Holds
  • Meal plans, FlexDine, and/or Gopher GOLD™ value

Access will not allow you to:

  • request an official transcript
  • register for classes
  • respond to the eFAAN
  • update personal information


For students: How to authorize access

  1. Login to the secure application online.
  2. Send your parent or a guest an email invitation generated within the application.
  3. Your parent/guest responds to the email invitation by clicking on a link given in the email.
  4. You will receive an email notice once your parent/guest responds. Log in to Parent/Guest Access to grant her/him access rights to one or more of the nine categories given above. Some access rights allow parents or guests to view your record information online, while others (related to housing) allow parents or guests to access your information by calling One Stop Student Services.
  5. You may cancel access to your student record at any time.

For parents and guests: How to access your student's record

  1. Respond to your student's email invitation. The email will contain a link to the Parent/Guest Access application, as well as an expiration date.
  2. If you have a University of Minnesota Internet ID, login to confirm your student's invitation. If you do not have an Internet ID, you will be required to create one to confirm your student's invitation. Once you have, you will receive an email notice that includes your Internet ID, which you can use to login to Parent/Guest Access.
  3. Wait for your student to grant you access to one or more of the nine student record categories.
  4. Once you have received an email notifying you that access has been granted, login to the secure application each time you want to access your student's record.