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Select the type of document you need

If you need an official document from the University that certifies your enrollment, verifies your full-time status, and/or shows your GPA, an enrollment verification may be right for you. These documents are commonly required for insurance discounts, loan deferment and some forms of financial aid. There is no charge to you for an enrollment verification, though the service may charge a minimal fee for third-party requests.

If this doesn’t meet you or the requester's needs, follow the information below to order an official transcript or print an unofficial transcript.

Unofficial transcripts

Getting your unofficial transcript is convenient and free. Students and those with Parent/Guest Access can log into MyU: Academics to print a copy at any time (see step-by-step instructions). You may also request a copy in person. The University does not send unofficial transcripts by mail or take requests by phone.

Obtaining your unofficial transcript online 

Go to MyU: Academics. View or print your unofficial transcript. You must have an active University Internet ID (x.500) and password. If you are a former student of the University, you can activate your Internet ID to access your unofficial transcript online.

Requesting an unofficial transcript in person 

You may obtain an unofficial copy of your transcript free of charge at any One Stop Student Services center. You must present a picture ID (University of Minnesota ID card, driver’s license, state ID, or passport).

Official transcripts

Official transcripts are certified and signed by the University registrar. They can be sent directly to you or another recipient at your request.

  • Electronic transcripts
    An electronic (secure, certified PDF) transcript is “official” in its electronic form as long as it is not altered. Electronic transcripts are only available through online requests via Parchment. Each time the file is opened (maximum of three times), it will be certified electronically (internet connection required) to ensure it has not been altered. Electronic transcripts are available to download by the recipient for 30 days. After 30 days, the document will no longer be available. It is your responsibility to ensure that transcript is downloaded by the recipient within 30 days. A printed copy of an electronic PDF transcript is not official. While electronic transcripts are widely accepted, confirm with your recipients that they will accept this format before ordering. 
  • Paper transcripts
    A paper transcript is "official" only as long as it remains in its sealed white envelope. Do not open the sealed envelope if you are forwarding your transcript to another party (an institution, employer, or other person). Open the envelope only if you have ordered the transcript for personal use. Multiple paper transcripts (each in its own sealed white envelope) sent to a single address will be enclosed in a manila envelope that can be opened. 

Order an official transcript

The online official transcript request is for current and former students only. A third party requesting a transcript on a student's behalf must mail or fax the request along with a signed authorization by the student.

The Parchment online request is the most convenient way to order an official transcript. Transcripts requested online are available in either printed or electronic (a secure, certified PDF) format. However, you can submit a Request for Official Transcript form in person, by mail or fax. Payment for fees must be paid with a credit or debit card. According to University policy, official transcripts will not be issued for you if you have certain types of holds on your recordIf you plan to work or further your education abroad, you may need to authenticate your degree, transcripts, and coursework by receiving an apostille or notarization.

Supplemental information and Parchment

Supplemental forms that must be submitted along with your paper transcript cannot be handled through Parchment. You may consider mailing the transcript to yourself and adding the necessary forms in a separate envelope, use the electronic transcript option and attach/upload forms electronically, or submit forms in person along with a written transcript request.

All electronic requests are processed by the University of Minnesota's Twin Cities campus, contact the Twin Cities One Stop Student Services if you have questions about your request.

  • If you have an active Internet ID (x.500)

    Recently-awarded grades or degrees may not yet be on your transcript. Check your unofficial transcript to be sure that everything has posted before starting the order process. You will use your Internet ID and password to sign into the online request for official transcript system. 

    If you do not have an active Internet ID (x.500)

    If you do not have or do not know your Internet ID and password, you can still order an official transcript online. You will need a valid email account (from any provider) to create an account online request for official transcript system

  • Type of serviceFee
    Electronic (fastest service)$15 each transcript
    Regular Mail$15 each transcript
    Priority Overnight$15 each transcript, plus $15 delivery fee for each address
    International Priority$15 each transcript, plus $25 delivery fee for each address

    Service descriptions

    Electronic (fastest service)

    • Typically processed within one hour, up to one business day
    • Download notice sent to recipient(s) automatically when processing is complete
    • Orders for electronic transcripts placed during regular system maintenance (Sundays, 6 a.m.-noon) will be accepted, but not processed until the next business day

    Regular Mail

    • Processed within one business day of receipt
    • Allow sufficient time for delivery by U.S. mail; up to three weeks for international mail.

    Priority Overnight

    • Orders received by 2 p.m. central time will be sent by next-business-day delivery. Delivery time is expected by 3 p.m. the following day to most U.S. addresses. 
    • This service cannot be delivered to P.O. boxes, A.P.O boxes, or F.P.O. boxes.

    International Priority

    • Orders received by 2 p.m. central time will be sent by International Priority service. Delivery time is approximately 2-5 days.
    • This service cannot be delivered to P.O. boxes, A.P.O addresses, or F.P.O. addresses.

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