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Uploading grades to PeopleSoft from a spreadsheet

Uploading grades will overwrite any unofficial grades you may have previously entered. To upload grades, go to the Teaching tab of MyU. Select the appropriate class grade roster, then click the "grade upload" button.

Please save your spreadsheet as either a .CSV or comma-delimited .TXT file. Only .CSV and comma-delimited .TXT files may be used to upload grades.

To save an Excel spreadsheet as a .CSV file, select "Save as" from the File menu. Select "CSV (comma delimited)" from the "Save as type" drop down menu, then name and save your file.

When saving your file, look for an option to save a Windows .TXT or .CSV
version. For example, on a Mac, you may see an option to save as "Windows
Formatted Text (.txt)" or "Windows Comma Separated (.csv)" files.

Be sure to remove any column headings from your spreadsheet.

  • Column A should contain student ID numbers.
  • Column B should contain student grades (see grading scales and additional grade symbols here).
  • Column C should contain the last date of participation for any students receiving an F or N grade. Please use this format to enter a last date of participation: MM/DD/YYYY. Mac users may be able to omit extraneous zeroes from the date.

If you need assistance uploading your grades, please contact

Sample .CSV file for upload:


Sample comma-delimited .TXT file for upload:

Screenshot of Tab Delimited Text File


Additional Grading Resources

If you encounter errors when you attempt to enter final or supplemental grades, you may need to clear your internet cache. For best results, use Mozilla Firefox.