How to upload grades to the Web grades system

Step 1 - Choose your file format.

  • You may upload a Microsoft Excel file, or a text (.txt) file that contains comma-delimited data.
  • The file should be formatted so that the student's ID is in the first column and the student's grade is in the second column.
  • If an F or N grade is entered in the 2nd column, the last date of participation should be entered in a third column (see examples below).
  • When you enter the Last Date of Participation for F or N grades, you must enter the date in this format: MM/DD/YYYY.
  • If you’re using Excel, don’t forget to remove column headings.

Screenshot of Excel with ID in column A and Grade in Column B
Sample Excel File

If you are creating a text (.txt) file, keep the fields in the same order: EMPLID, GRADE, LAST DATE OF PARTICIPATION.

  • Each field must be separated by a comma and only a comma - not a space or tab.
  • Dates entered for Last Date of Participation date must be exactly 10 characters in length,  and in the format MM/DD/YYYY.
  • Note: the space/tab delimited upload file is no longer available

Screenshot of Tab Delimited Text File

Sample Comma Delimited Text File

Step 2 - Browse to select your file

  • Click the “Upload…” button on the Grade Roster page.

Screenshot of Upload button from previous page

  • After selecting the Upload… button, you will see the warning message below. Review the message and click “OK.”

Warning screen shot - will overwrite existing file.

Step 3: If your file is ready for uploading, click the “Browse” button.

Shows browse for file  window

Step 4: Use the Operating System’s Open dialog box to navigate to the correct file location.

Open dialog screenshot from Windows XP

Example from MS Windows XP



Open dialog screenshot from Mac OS X

Example from Mac OS X


Step 5: With the appropriate file selected, click “Upload.”

  • If the upload is successful, a confirmation message will display on the top of the Grade Roster page.

Step 6: Review the Grades. Click “Submit to Registrar” when all grades are entered.

Displays grade review screen with submit to registrar button