Help for... Financial Aid Award Notice (FAAN)

What is full-time or half-time enrollment?

  • Minimum full-time and half-time enrollment levels are determined by your college, school, or program of study. See page two of the enrollment verification guidelines for detailed information.

What if I'm not full time?

  • If you are enrolled less than full time, your financial aid awards may be reduced or canceled. Before your financial aid funds can be paid to your student account you must meet the minimum enrollment status required by the funds you have accepted. Review the detailed description of each award carefully as enrollment requirements vary by program. Each description will indicate if you are eligible for the fund while taking a reduced credit load.

  • If your outside scholarship requires full-time enrollment, the Office of Student Finance must receive written authorization from the donor before disbursement will occur.

  • You must be registered at least half time to be eligible for Ford Federal Direct student loans.

  • Exceptions to the full-time enrollment requirement can be made for some aid programs (excluding Federal Pell and Minnesota State grants) if you are an undergraduate in your final term of study. You must have your academic adviser provide written verification that the credits for which you are registered will fulfill your graduation requirements.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Audited coursework and extended term Online and Distance Learning (ODL) courses are not eligible for financial aid.

How do I apply for May/summer financial aid?

  • You will automatically be considered for all available funding when you register half-time or more for course work in May session and/or summer term and have a Free Application for Federal Student Aid on file with the Office of Student Finance. An email will then be sent to your official University student email account that will provide a link to your Financial Aid Award Notice (FAAN). You will be able to accept, reduce, or decline your awards at that time.

What is 'other' educational assistance?

Other educational assistance is anything that you will receive because you are a student. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Tuition paid on your behalf.
  • Tuition reimbursement from employer, public or private agencies.
  • Department of Rehabilitation Services (DRS), Workforce Center, Jobs and Training.
  • Departmental scholarships, grants, block grants, traineeships.
  • Departmental or Graduate School fellowships.
  • Payroll fellowships (stipends).
  • Outside agency scholarships.
  • AmeriCorps.

What if I don't know the amount?

  • Please enter a fall, spring, and/or summer dollar amount. If you do not know the dollar amount, please click 'sign out' to exit your FAAN. Contact the donor. Return and complete your FAAN, when you know the dollar amount.

What if I'm not certain?

  • If you are not certain whether you will be receiving other educational assistance, you may leave this section blank. Once you are certain you will be receiving educational assistance you must notify One Stop Student Services at from your University email account. In the subject line of your email enter Attention Graduate and Professional Unit.

What's included in 'other charges'?

  • Other charges assessed to your student account may include, but are not limited to the following: bookstore charges, library fines, parking fees, bus passes, email account fees, medical/dental charges, late fees, installment plan fees, and up to $200 of other charges owed from previous academic years.

What if I answer 'No' to paying other charges?

  • If you are assessed any other charges to your student account and you do not authorize payment from your financial aid funds, you may receive both a credit balance from your account and a bill for the remaining charges. You will be responsible for arranging payment of your bill.

Can I change my mind?

  • You may change or modify this authorization at any time by contacting a One Stop counselor at

What if I don't agree to this?

  • The terms and conditions for receiving financial aid are determined by federal, state and University regulations and policies. If you choose not to agree to these terms, we are not able disburse your financial aid.

What is a graduate assistant appointment?

  • Graduate assistants who work at least 12.5% time (5 hours per week) from the beginning to the end of the official semester appointment dates, and are properly registered, are eligible to receive a waiver of all or part of that semester's tuition, the non-resident to resident tuition charge (if applicable), and a percentage of the hospitalization charge. The amount of tuition waived is determined by the student's appointment time, e.g., 25% time, 37.5% time or 50% time. The minimum eligibility for a non-resident waiver is a 25% time appointment.

What is a nonresident tuition waiver?

  • A nonresident tuition waiver is an award from your department that pays the nonresident portion of your tuition charge each semester.

What is a Regents Scholarship?

The Regents Scholarship Program waives a portion of tuition for eligible coursework to qualifying appointments of civil-service, union-represented, faculty, and professional and administrative University staff. Because the Regents Scholarship is a tuition benefit, it must be included as part of your financial aid package. More information about the Regents Scholarship policy, eligibility, fees covered, and tax implications can be found at